I am a collector of floaty action pens, made by the Danish company Eskesen.  I would like to trade pens with other Eskesen collectors from all over the World!   Below you find links to pictures of the duplicates that I have for the moment.  Please have a look and see if there are any pens that you would like to trade, and send me a list of your duplicates.  I look forward to hear from you!

Sometimes my duplicate lists might not be correct, and the pen on the picture is unavailable.  Somehow my routines have failed and pens have been traded without a simular update of the duplicate lists...
I am so sorry about this!  I do my best to keep the duplicate lists and websites updated...!
Pen marked with has a new object this last week.
Number of duplicate pens represented in the list below are : 3007                                      Last updated : 05.04.2010
( All time high : 3007 )
                  A great new pen from Freud Museum in London!


So far I have always shown all text printed on the pens.  But unfortunately somebody used this information to get the same pens from my source and then sell them on web-auctions!   Then
I am blocked from trading my pens.
Because of this I have to hide all phone numbers and www-addresses on new pens from now on.  I am sorry about this!


I have had problems with my net connection and unfortunately these pages could not be updated.
The countries marked as Verified OK are updated:  All pens in the pictures are available!



















  I trade this one for 60 pens...!











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